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The Staff at Keezlenutten Farm

Keezlenutten Farm, LLC has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that consists of members of the Geisert family as well as residents of the area. Read through the list below to learn more about each of them.

Margaret Geisert - Even though Margaret is now very busy with her 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, she is still a big part of the farm. She helps take care of our 30+ horses! She has been riding and working with horses all of her life.

This is Margaret with one of her Paso Finos, "Ali ".

Margaret Geisert


Greg Geisert - Now that Greg is retired from his full-time job, he maintains the farm and does all the accounting - which we all appreciate since our pay checks fall in that category.


Joel Geisert - Joel helps maintain the farm and takes care of anything related to computers! Plus he is a HUGE help at all our horse shows - between trailering, grooming and coaching, it would be hard to show without him!

Joel got his first horse when he was 8, was in 4-H Bit & Bridle as a teenager, competed on the 4-H state judging team, earned certificates in Equine Management and Horse Husbandry from Martin Community College in N.C., and studied Animal Science with an emphasis in Equitation Instruction and Equine Reproduction. While at Martin Community College, he competed on the Intercollegiate Equestrian Team in Stockseat. After graduating from Bridgewater College with a degree in Biology, he helped start up the JMU & Bridgewater riding teams. He now works full-time at Serco.

This is Joel on "Street Car" after one of the big snow storms in early 2010.


Danielle Geisert - Danielle took on managing the farm in 2006 and also teaches most of the riding lessons, works with the horses in the training program and handles all the advertising, Web design and database work at the farm.

Danielle started riding at 9, competed on the National Capital Equitation League for 4 years, assisted in the jumper training program at a private barn in Aldie VA, started teaching lessons in 1996 and competes in numerous jumper shows throughout Virginia.

This is Danielle with one of her horses, "Street Car".

Danielle Geisert

Abby - Abby is a working student on Fridays. She is also our camp counselor and an assistant riding instructor that teaches beginner lessons on Saturday mornings. She owns Dancer and has been taking lessons at our farm since she was 10! She is a student at James Madison Univeristy.

This is Abby on her horse, Dancer, at a jumper show.


Working Students

Emma - Emma is a working student on Mondays. She has been taking lessons at our farm for 5 years.

This is Emma on Humphrey.

Keezlenutten Farm Emma

Hannah - Hannah is a working student on Tuesdays. She is student at Lord Fairfax Community College. She has been taking lessons at our farm since she was 11!

This is Hannah on Street Car at a jumper show.


Madison - Madison is a working student on Wednesdays. She owns Titus.

This is Madison on Titus.


Julia - Julia is a working student on Thursdays. She has 2 horses that she keeps at her house.

This is Julia with her horse, Joy. *Photo credit: Julia's Mom, Winnie

Jennifer - Jennifer is a JMU graudate that feeds for us on the weekends. She owns Nemo, who lives at the trail barn. She has ridden most of her life.

This is Jennifer on Nemo at a jumper show.

Keezlenutten Farm Jennifer

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