Keezlenutten Farm, LLC
Horse Crossword

Directions: Print this page out and try to complete the answers. If you have trouble, click on the link at the bottom of the page for the answers.


3. Put on the horse's head when you are going to ride.
5. Small horse.
6. Put on the horse's back when you are going to ride.
8. Brown horse with mane and tail same color as body.
11. The second fastest gait - VERY bumpy.
12. Put on the horse's head to lead by or tie to.


1. Your horse might wear one to keep warm in the winter.
2. Baby horse.
3. Brown horse with black mane and tail.
4. The third fastest gait.
7. What you put your foot in when you're riding.
9. Goes inside the horse's mouth to aid steering.
10. The slowest gait.